Athletic Based, Agility and Mobility

Increased Ground Force Production leads to an athlete’s ability to cover ground while moving in space. TYGTAL’S “ABS” Academy is the prelude to our “AB-SAM” Academy. The “Successful Six” of athleticism are Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, Quickness and Balance. TYGTAL’S “AB-SAM” Academies engineer the “Successful Six” by teaching the proper mechanics through World-Class technique. Technique moves the body through his/her ability to accelerate and decelerate through the hips and cover ground while moving. There are only two ways to increase speed – increase stride length (cover ground)

and increase stride frequency. This skill requires reaction and balance. Applying and practicing TYGTAL’S World Class Techniques in our World-Class Academies lead to perfection. Perfection allows you to TAKE YOUR GAME TO ANOTHER LEVEL!
TYGTAL “ABS” and “SAM” Academies train the energy systems that allow athletes to compete at Another Level play after play. TYGTAL trains movements. TYGTAL will make you a better athlete. TYGTAL Sports Performance is Nike SPARQ certified. TYGTAL will give you the ability to

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