Athletic Based Strength

TYGTAL’S Athletic Based Strength Program is designed in order to engineer an athlete’s ability to generate greater Ground Force Production through the Kinetic Chain. Technique moves the bar. All athletic skills are accomplished through a dynamic chain of events that require multiple joint movements. Muscles do not have memory. Motor patterns produce motor memory. TYGTAL’S Athletic Based Strength Academy is based around the four tiers- the Squat, Dead Lift, Clean and Bench Press. Athletes use their entire body to execute a skill-TYGTAL “ABS” Academy engineers the entire body-

influencing the energy systems needed to compete every inning, quarter, half and into multiple overtimes and extra innings. Through TYGTAL’s World-Class technique, these exercises influence an athlete’s ability to generate power. Force is maximum strength. TYGTAL “ABS” Curriculum increases an athlete’s maximum force production while decreasing the amount of time it takes to produce the Force. The result leads to Power. Power is maximal force/ time. An athlete who can achieve ones maximal force in the shortest amount of time makes plays, becomes Elite and is able to TAKE YOUR GAME TO ANOTHER LEVEL!

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